The SARDINHA cushion represents Portugal’s connection to the Atlantic Ocean. The sardine is a very important cultural symbol to Portuguese people, culinary as well as being the root of many popular proverbs. It inspired us to create a knitted jacquard of a sardine swarm, adding a lurex yarn to resemble their silver reflecting scales.

The AGATHA cushion features an all-over knitted jacquard pattern of the Agatha Amsterdam logo, which was inspired by our cat Agatha.

The ANDORINHA cushion is inspired by the Portuguese swallows, who arrive in spring after a long journey, nesting always in the same place to mate with a partner they are faithful to for a lifetime. The Andorinhas are a Portuguese symbol for love, loyalty and family and inspired us to create this modern knitted jacquard pattern.

Stylebohemian, ecologisch, modern
ColorBlauw, Geel, Grijs, Wit

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